Custom Pet Photo Patch Beanie Hat


Do you have a pet you LOVE and want to show off every day? This is the hat for you!

100% acrylic beanie
12" in length, 9" with fold
Tightly knit
Engraved patch is sewn on and made from leatherette material (not geniune leather) so you can be assured it is cruelty-free!

Hat color options:
*Dark Gray
*Light Gray

One size fits all (except very small children!)


1. Select the hat color you'd like from the drop-down menu
2. email the photo to
3. Check out!


*High resolution photos work best
*Please try to submit a picture where your pet is isolated as much as possible (no overlaps from other objects, etc) Closeups of the face or clear photos of the body are appreciated!
*I will crop the pet out from the background as best as I can
*There is a possibility that the photo you submit will not be good enough quality to use. In that event, I will reach out to you for an alternate photo, or I will refund you
*Please be aware that these hats are custom and one-of-a-kind! Each result will be different!
*Depending on the orientation of your photo, the patch will either be a 2x2 square or a 2x3 rectangle

Feel free to send a photo to me in advance to ensure it will meet the quality standards!


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