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PLEASE read this part carefully: These patches are available WITH or WITHOUT permanent adhesive on the back. The adhesive is NOT sticky - it is heat and pressure activated. If adhering to baseball hats, the only way I have found to be successful is to use a hat heat press. An iron is not sufficient on baseball hats - but would be for items such as duffel bags and other flat items. If choosing NO adhesive, these can be sewn on, or glued on using an adhesive like E6000 or another fabric type glue. Please also be advised that beanie material often includes acrylic and heat tends to melt acrylic - so patches are suggested to be sewn onto beanies rather than heat pressed. ALSO - if you are adhering to something that will be WASHED/DRIED - it is suggested that it is stitched on. The adhesive alone will not hold up in a washer/dryer.

**PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer logo design. Logos must be finalized prior to purchasing and sending to me - I cannot create a logo for you. (Even if it is just simple text - you need to submit a file for it). I also can not modify your logo for you (i.e: adding text, removing text, rearranging.). The logo must be in it's FINAL format when sending to me. Thanks for understanding!

I also cannot use logos that are trademarked! (example: sports logos, branded logos like Nike/etc.)

My patches have a standard black border that can be removed upon request, otherwise it will engrave as part of the design. Also please note I can NOT send color mockups as the colors are never accurate on screen as compared to the real thing. I only send mockups upon request (after purchase) and it will be a black and white version showing the layout on the patch. I can tell you in advance if logos will work on my end.

Upload your logo or email to after purchase. I cannot use photos of logos, illustrations, scans, etc. It must be a vector. If not a vector file - I will likely not be able to convert for use on my end. If you are unsure if your image will work, please send it to me in advance. Otherwise - I will need to cancel orders with unusable graphics. Please also note I need to convert to straight 2 color black and white - so please do not submit logos with grayscale. I will need to cancel your order if you do not submit your design within 24 hours of placing your order.

Please indicate when checking out if you would like a certain shape (square, rectangle, circle, etc). Otherwise, I will create on the shape that best fits your logo. Please note - die cut patches are only available if your design already contains the cut line!

SIZING: Patches will be no larger than 3.5" and will be proportionate to your logo. Circles and Squares are typically 2.25" by 2.25", and rectangles are generally 3" wide by 2" tall. Hexagons are typically 3.25 x 2.25. Please contact me if you have specific sizing needs.

EIGHT colors of leather! (leatherette material - not genuine leather - so you can be assured it is cruelty-free!)

If ordering over 50 please contact me for discounted bulk pricing.


o Rawhide (engraves black)
o Dark brown (engraves black)
o Gray (engraves black)
o Light brown (engraves black)
o Black/Silver (engraves silver)
o Black/Gold (engraves gold)
o Rustic/Silver (engraves silver)
o Rustic/Gold (engraves gold)