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Are you sick of those flimsy paper luggage tags you have to fill out and attach to your luggage (that likely rip off) every time you travel? Are you sick of having to thoroughly inspect every bag that remotely resembles yours on the luggage carousel to make sure its yours - or NOT yours? These personalized leatherette luggage tags are the PERFECT SOLUTION to these problems!

These luggage tags make the best gifts for yourself, your family, and everyone else under the sun!

Measuring at 4 1/4" x 2 3/4", these tags are available in 10 colors and 17 unique designs! Made from leatherette material - not genuine leather - so you can be assured it is cruelty-free!

Know what bag is yours at first glance with these stunning and eye catching tags!

The clear plastic window on the opposite side allows clear visibility to the Name/Address/Phone number that you can fill in when you receive the tag. This is included with the luggage tag. The tag also includes a colow coordinating strap with silver buckle, to make sure it stays securely attached to your luggage without ripping off!

When checking out, please choose the tag color, tag design, and the personalization you'd like on each tag. Please see the listing photos for the style offerings, and provide the information required for each design.

The engraving is so crisp and clear and will not peel, fade, or wear off! It is permanently engraved, not a vinyl transfer.

*Black (engraves gold)
*Rawhide (engraves black)
*Teal (engraves black)
*Light Brown (engraves black)
*Rose (engraves black)
*Black (engraves silver)
*Rustic (engraves gold)
*Gray (engraves black)
*Pink (engraves black)
*Dark Brown (engraves black)