2018 Goals

Since today is January 1, 2018, I've been thinking a lot about goals.

What do I want to accomplish this year?

I tend to be a "go big or go home" type of person so I usually set the bar pretty high for myself! If you aren't going to give something your all---why even do it?

In 2018 I would love to do the following:

*Utilize my laser cutter/engraver as much as humanly possible and add more laser created products to my shop.

*Reach a broader audience than I have in the past. I hope to enter various markets such as the bridal market, home goods, kid/baby, even businesses!

*Establish more wholesale accounts! This is something I would love to focus on. I feel that many of my products would be the perfect fit for gift shops--I just need to devote the time to researching and pinpointing the perfect matches for my products.

*Last but not least--I need to a better job of balancing my personal and work life. As I mentioned on the "About Me" page, I run this business on top of my full time 40-hour a week job. I am also a wife and mother on top of that! I find myself often multi-tasking even between bites of my dinner and I want to make a more conscious effort to separate my business and personal life from each other. There were times this holiday season that we were eating cereal, frozen pizza, and Ramen noodles for dinner almost every night of the week because I was just so busy with my business. I need to devote certain hours of my night to my family--and nothing else. (It's so hard for me!)

What are YOUR goals for 2018? I'd love to hear!




Diane said:

Congratulations on your new adventure! You will do great!

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